Our WorkFlow

Workflow: Discovery

In the discovery meeting, we meet with you and learn about your project and venue, we encourage peopel to come prepare with all their utensils and their PNW backpack. We will gladly sign non-disclosure agreements and are serious about protecting your intellectual property. You will find that we have a complete grasp of human anatomy and physiology and are capable of understanding surgical procedures with little more than a fleeting glimpse. In this first meeting we will also show you samples of our work that apply to your application. Items that will help us understand your goals: surgical manuals & drawings, photos, or physical tools, and devices.

Workflow: Proposal

Shortly after our discovery meeting, we will present you with a proposal that clearly identifies our recommendations with a detailed scope of works and pricing. We do our very best to consider every detail to insure that your presentation is a flawless hit with your audience. You may then compare our pricing and discover that we offer the most comprehensive multimedia services at the most competitive prices.

Workflow: Launch

Should you choose to use Ghost to design your presentation, just ok the proposal, drop us a check for 50% of the job and we’ll get straight to work. A password protected website will be created where you can view our daily progress and make comments on our work. This website will completely explain studio and client responsibilities while establishing deadlines for each stage of the production process.

Workflow: Production

It is common for us to begin by presenting you with a storyboard that illustrates the main topics of your presentation. You can prepare it in advance with any professional writing services like https://cheapwritingservice.com/ Here we will be modeling or importing your CAD drawings and beginning 3D animation, shooting your surgical procedures, or drawing your illustrations. You can also check out the latest editor sodapdf for more info. We may request that you, or someone from your company, spend a few hours with our designers, editors, or animators, simply to guarantee that we nail down your story.

After you approve your design, animation, or video, we will execute every possible detail to make the finished product the best it can be. We will direct music or voice talent to give your presentation a professional score and narration.

We will also work directly with the printers to ensure that everything looks great, from the fonts to the color of the inks. We will also author and test all interactive components to ensure that your DVD, CD-ROM or PowerPoint presentation plays well in a host of different computers and presentation devices. If you work with us, you know it is going to work.

Workflow: Delivery

When the day comes for us to deliver your project, it will be done so on the day that we promised. It is customary for us to explain how everything works and test the project on your gear if possible. If you approve of our finished product, write us a check and take ownership of the content. When you work with us, you own your presentation outright and may use it for any purpose you wish, forever. We only request that we are allowed to use it in our portfolio and that we retain the rights to any custom software we create to produce the presentation. Our philosophy is “Done right, or done over”, and we’ll take that to the grave before we settle for anything less than 100% customer satisfaction.


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