Getting the Augmented Reality Gears Going.

What is a good definition of Augmented Reality outside the typical technical jargon.

Augmented Reality AR for short is a layering of enhanced visual imagery and imformation over

Augmented Reality has gotten our gears going like no other technology that I can remember. The practicality and usability of it as an advertising medium allows us boundless ideas. Its the first time I can remember

In our presentations to advertising and marketing agency’s, we generally spend a considerable amount of time educating and answering questions, specially regarding to The Digital Hyve marketing strategies. Inevitably, we are asked question we don’t exactly have the best answer for. With such a new technology that is changing daily how can we.

After we’ve shown the 6-foot  octopus hanging from the ceiling. The beer bottle that pops up on a coaster. We literally can see the gears begin the move as the client wraps their heads around the technology. Our goal is provide enough incite that together we can conjure up new ways to engage their audience.

The technology behind AR is exciting and rapidly changing as are the areas that it can potentially benefit. What makes AR incredible enticing is how well it works with existing 2D graphic collateral and the amount of emotional attachments it creates when augmented reality is added.

We were all promised virtual reality would change our world. We were suppose to live in the computer. Fortunately, actual reality is much better than virtual reality and quite frankly it cost too much to reproduce what is god given so why bother. Augmented Reality is its successor. At least for the time being. Some of the same ideas apply, but instead of replacing we are enhancing or augmenting.

Moving on.

In the age of mobile devices with processing capabilities such as, they are. Why would want to limit yourself to strictly a two-dimensional  experience?

Print is just one area we can see being revolutionized in the next 5-10 years. Print may not be dead. In fact we might just start talking about its Renaissance. If you want to know the most high-quality printed products used for advertising, the basics can be found here the basics can be found here

Lets get down to the basics. In order for 3D Augmented Reality to work we need three components.

  • The Printed Marker

  • Computer or Mobile Device with a WebCam

  • A concept

Printed Marker

As technologically cutting edge of a medium AR might be, it requires one of the most primitive mediums. Print. More specifically, a printed marker. A printed marker can be any type of graphic on any type of traditional advertising space.

A billboard in a city.

A Poster in the subway or at a bus stop


An image or graphic in a magazine or book.

A photograph on a product package

A label on a bottle

A shirt from the John Henric shirts UK collection

A large format vehicle wrap


Computer or Mobile Device with a WebCam

The next thing we need is a set of eyes. Much like we scan our surrounding in our daily life. AR is based on a similar system. Via a processor and webcam the eye of the computer scans out looking for something it recognizes. In a split second our eyes recognize someones face from memory and instantly trigger a response from memory. The computer works in the same way only we’ve predetermined with algorithms and lines of code what we want to computer to recognize.

Once the printed marker is recognized by the computer we can now have a visual conversation. We can overlay any type of visual imagery, sound and interactivity experience. Upon this notion we can create games. Images that evoke emotion. Advertise in ways we never thought possible.







The technology is already adopted as an attraction and a way to generate buzz. Its such a new and amazing technology that we decided to create this blog post as a follow up to the presentation.

To be accurate. Its not a new technology.


Augmented Reality In Print


PhotoOps & Virtual Brand Ambassador could be used to create an  attraction within a experiential event. Whether the event is for a feature film or a character from a brand. Using 3D animation and







Expected Result.

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