DINE-A-MO Theater Concept Design

Theater Concept Design

The theater concept design came to us by way of local entrepreneur, Darrick Collier, Jr. He was looking forward to exploring the niche cinema eatery concept featuring first-run films in a superior theater environment for the St. Louis Metro area. He needed our help to visually enhance his business plan and bring his ideas to life, in the hopes of securing investors and establishing his concept of DINE-A-MO.

We brought his ideas to life for the two main theaters, outdoor theater and bar with renders and a flythrough animation. This imagery was then used in his PowerPoint proposal to investors. We also designed the logos, promotional brochure, motion graphics teaser video and website for DINE-A-MO. Delivering the entire package for his entrepreneurial venture.

Through the unique amenities DINE-A-MO is looking forward to establishing itself as a premiere destination location in the St. Louis market. Some of these amenities included high-definition digital theaters, full service menus, bar with microbrewery, stadium seating with plush leather seating and personal tables, over 18 years of age to enter and a landscaped 3-season outdoor theater with bar.

DINE-A-MO offers the Complete Cinema Dining Experience.

Visit the movies section for the: DINE-A-MO Flythrough Animation

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