Tun Tavern Museum Design

Tun-ConceptConcept Development:

The Idea for the Tun Tavern Museum Design at the United States Marine Corp Museum in Quantico, VA started as a smaller and less significant space. The allocated space was described as “not much more than a broom closet” and “more or less an after-thought.” As we began to develop the concept renders with the producer, Russell Kroeker from Reveal Exhibits, it became apparent that our thematic design and personal take on the space needed to be more inline with the traditional space of that period. Our research showed the Tun Tavern was a significant part of the Marine Corps heritage and doing a small space would be a disservice and aesthetically not fit within the Museum’s grand scale.

3D Concept Renderings:

As we began to produce concepts and renders of the space it was soon realized what the potential could be. With the 3D renders, we could experiment with various materials and treatments and capture the historical time period. By doing it this way we were also able to push the thematic environment further with a realistic depiction of what it would look like upon completion. During this phase, we worked directly with the producer to research real-world materials and various molding processes. We worked to fine tune our renders in such a way that what we conveyed to the end client was what could be realistically produced with their budget.

Interestingly, during this process the client saw the need for a revised budget and concept due to how well the illustrations had turned out. What had started out as a “broom closet” would now be developed into a restaurant and bar.


3D CAD Design:

Once our renders were approved. Tim Fischer from Reveal began to take the concept and fine-tune the structure and space planning in CAD. At this stage, the planning of the physical space becomes much more critical. The structural elements and facilities require special attention that the concept renders don’t always cover. Tim did a great job of preserving the concept and keeping with the layout, but often time concepts need to be adjusted to fitting within real-world specs and building codes and not an artistic interpretation. Something as simple as a fire alarm has an impact on the end design. Several times through this process we worked together adjusting the concept until we could produce a final architectural visualization and fly through of the space.

Production & Installation:

Events and Exhibits Producer, Russel Kroeker has a great knowledge and understanding of materials and processes, which led us to discover realistic epoxy stone panels and pillars that looked like our concepts. We developed specialty lighting and designed various lighting fixtures that would add to the ambiance. Furniture and mill-work were contracted to match the 3D illustrations. All of these environmental elements were preplanned within the computer as a 3D rendering in the initial phase, but the collaboration between everyone is what brought this space to life.

The result is a thematic space that the Marine Corps Generals are very proud of and has become an additional focal point of the United States Marine Corps Musuem in Quantico, VA.


Graphic Design & Print Production:

Additional graphic support was created for the Tun Tavern, including Coasters, Logo, Glassware, Menu and Dimensional signage.

TUN Menu Design 001

Tun Tavern Coasters

Tun Tavern Front With Coaster

Opening Day:

We visited the Tun Tavern on opening day. It was great to the see the Marines, both new recruits and the old comrades talking, eating, drinking and experiencing a space together that we had the privilege of designing for them.

Tun Tavern Kevin Bacon






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