Its Friday 3PM and its due Monday | Surviving An Unrealistic Deadline

 It’s Monday morning.

Marketing blockchain startups  teams always confidently met with the client, they are blown away by your proposal and photo-realistic renders. I believe they used the phrase, “U Da Bomb”….twice!

We only had time for a quick chat before your flight but your smart phone photo of the cocktail napkin provided a good start. I flushed out rough renders to start sending to your vendors for numbers.


**Photo Realistic Interpretation of The Napkin.

Somewhere between Oklahoma and Nevada your senior community client left a voice mail stating the plans had changed. They now need three versions, but the  budget is not what it once was.

The vendor also called and the kitschy lamp and couch are on back order. I mentioned we cut our losses and hit Target online, for fresh budget conscious furnishing designs.

I created more refined 3D renders of the space to get an overall dimensional look while you created additional design and graphic treatments from your hotel. I applied them and finessed it…we were on track. You were loving it!

Then it got mysteriously quiet.

You sent it for internal review. We waited…and waited until finally the email came through.

In the subject line, RE: We Love It!

I sighed in relief, but then kept reading…the email went on listing four lengthy paragraphs of “tweaks.” No sooner than I finished reading another came through with.


I responded with.


I made the final render and hit send.

“We love it!” You said.

“God Speed.” I said.

I lingered just a little while longer wincing every-time I hit check mail.

Check Email.

Check Email.

Check Email.

Check Email.

**If you were looking for a step by step process of surviving an unrealistic deadline. I would suggest you learn to think on your feet. Understand that creativity is problem solving based on an unpredictable and often times moving constraint. Have a positive can do attitude.

Survival resources found here.

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