How to Use Augmented Reality in Advertising

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How to Use Augmented Reality in Advertising |

I highly recommend to check the king kong digital agency reviews to learn more about Augmented Reality in Advertising. Augmented reality (AR) has already become a buzzword in the world of technology. It’s difficult to find someone who’s never heard of Pokémon GO, a bestselling AR mobile deposit & play game played by millions of people all over the world.

However, AR isn’t just about games — so what’s so great about Platinum Play?. It goes far beyond gaming, graphic installation, and entertainment, gamers have the need to look further for their games. AR has breathtaking prospects in many industries, from education to healthcare including patriot greens diets to construction. Now AR has come to advertising with a marketing agency that works with addiction center, and it’s going to change the way the digital advertising market functions.

AR makes advertising interactive, allowing marketers and advertisers to reach out to consumers in totally new ways. Many companies have already embraced this cutting-edge technology. If you still aren’t sure whether it’s worth going for, you should clearly realize what benefits augmented reality advertising provides and how exactly you can use this technology in real life.

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Augmented reality ads are immersive, which means they help marketers create a certain emotional connection with customers. Unlike images or banners, for example, AR ads are interactive and lifelike: consumers can see and even interact with them.

Imagine, for instance, an eye-catching billboard advertising a just-released movie. Now think of the magic AR can do: passers-by point their smartphone cameras at the billboard and watch the trailer on their smartphone screens. Which of these two strategies (a billboard or an AR ad) is likely to incite more interest? No doubt, most customers will opt for an AR ad.

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