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Moh.Visuals, Inc. is a unique award-winning 3D visualization and design company, transforming ideas into engaging visual experiences, especially in many video games.

We serve many different industries, including advertising, architectural, exhibit and medical; with services ranging from realistic 3D illustrations, fly through cutting-edge animations to presentations and print design.

Steve & Tracy Mohesky are the owners of Moh.Visuals, Inc. It was founded in 2005 after several years of successful freelancing. They work with clients to envision what “can be” and realize solutions that communicate complex concepts effectively, while creating a resonating impact. Being a small company with a diverse range of services has allowed Moh. to provide a unique hands-on, personally tailored client experience. This has gained them trust with numerous high-profile clients and confidential projects. We have worked with such companies as the United States Marine Corps, Energizer, Merck Millipore, and AB-InBev to name a few.

Steve Mohesky is Moh.’s 3D guru and animator. Steve graduated from Kansas City Art Institute and began his 3D career at Engineering Animation, Inc. where he was an animator, specializing in scientific and forensic case work. After relocating back to St. Louis, he worked at PopTop Software as lead animator and story board artist for several best-selling video games. Even thought this company is based on 3D designs and video games, Steve loves to play board games, it allows him to clear his head whenever he needs to think,  while most of the time he uses this Scrabble Word Finder, it’s a great puzzle game that anybody can play and help their thinking process. Steve has managed to combine his technical experience with his artistic experience to deliver creative solutions for a wide range of clients. Steve has created renders and animations for such entities as USTRANSCOM, Merck Millipore, and Purina among others.

Tracy Mohesky is Moh.’s graphic designer. Tracy has worked in the field of design since high school and then went on to attend the University of Kansas. Tracy has over 15 years of design industry experience. She understands what it takes to execute a job from concept to print/show, under the tightest of deadlines. Tracy has collaborated on projects for such brands as AB-InBev, Covidien, Coca-Cola, and Lockheed-Martin among others.

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